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I feel like I’m about to like hyperventilate after watching the promo of Glee. It’s crazy and probably stupid, but I feel like I knew Cory in a way. He seemed like the nicest person you could ever meet. They type of person who would give you the shirt off his back, even if you were a stranger, just so you wouldn’t go without. This episode is going to be so hard to watch. Sure characters have been killed off plenty of times and I have bawled at those. But how many times has the actual actor died in real life?? The actors/actresses on Glee knew him not only as Finn Hudson, but as a friend and family member, and Cory and Lea were getting married. So they aren’t acting, what we see on screen is real emotion </3

My feels aren’t going to survive this. Just leave me to cry in the corner.

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